Vision and Mission of Us


To become the top agri-technology company in Indonesia by establishing a comprehensive agricultural ecosystem from upstream to downstream, including access to finance, procurement of farming inputs, education, and crop distribution aiming to improve farmers' welfare.


Optimizing digital technology and transparency to build and enhance the agricultural ecosystem.

Becoming a partner for farmers to support the entire agricultural process.

Partnering with creditors, suppliers, and distributors to improve supply chain performance in the farm sector.

Collaborating with food businesses to enhance national food security.

Creating positive social impact and developing the farm ecosystem in Indonesia.

Indonesia grapples with the dual challenge of poverty alleviation and sustainable food production, with rice serving as a pivotal point in this struggle. Despite being the world's third-largest rice producer, Indonesia heavily relies on imports from countries like Vietnam and India, while facing issues such as low yield per hectare and an aging farming population. Eratani addresses these challenges by providing farmers access to smart capital, knowledge, information, and technology, along with market connections. Through our initiatives, we've seen a notable 27% increase in farmers' income and production. Join Eratani in our mission to secure food sustainability and prosperity for Indonesian farmers, shaping a brighter future for our nation.

“Together, we can make difference.”

Andrew Soeherman

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Our Journey of innovation and growth at Eratani has taken yet another giant leap forward, as we have secured an additional Investment Round. This remarkable milestone signifies a vote of confidence in our vision, mission, and the transformation potential of agriculture solutions. And I couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities that lie ahead as we work tirelessly to transform the future of agriculture. We are all here at Eratani as a group of people united by the mission to serve, create impacts, and drive positive change for farming communities in Indonesia. I believe this journey will be an unforgettable and fulfilling experience for me those who believe in this mission and opportunity for agriculture in Indonesia.

"Don’t let people define you. You define yourself.”

Bambang Cahyo Susilo

Co - Chief Executive Officer

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